Loft 117
Lofty, Sophisticated Lifestyle

Step into a FKMB Loft, and you’ll immediately recognize it as an extraordiary living environment. Large, open floor plans provide space for furniture and flow. And great gas kitchens with plenty of cabinets, quality built-in appliances, and excellent lighting complete the perfect package.

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 1 Bath

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Luxury Loft Feature
  • FREE high-speed Internet
  • Cable TV access
  • Central air
  • High-quality gas kitchen
  • Polished concrete floors
  • Exposed duct work
  • Steel and wood columns
  • Exposed brick walls
  • Industrial ceiling fans
  • Stylish track lighting
  • Washer/dryer hook-ups

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FKMB is located at:
2860 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113-2741


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